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New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse



This website sunsets Dec 13

Dear New Rochelle Lacrosse,

This is a very important email.

We are transitioning to a new online management system. We will be using Sports Engine going forward. Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks. As the old site closes in two weeks, I have downloaded all your emails so you may get correspondence from my swifty2121@gmail.com until I have a firm grip on the new site.

While the website is not completely active, we are excited to have opened registration. (Website will be open shortly) You will find the link below. We are strongly considering capping cohorts and adding a waitlist so get signed up asap.

The link to register is:


Prices will go up in the new year by $50.

There are some new procedures to follow.

  • You will order your own sublimated uniform from Squad Locker; it is part of the registration process. If you choose you can add your child’s name. You may select your number.  Be advised: there could be several players on the team with the same number. This is not an issue in youth lacrosse. They are in the squadlocker store now @ https://teamlocker.squadlocker.com/#/lockers/new-rochelle-lacrosse


  • There is a variety of other items in our store that you are welcome to buy.  This time of year, it takes 4-6 weeks, so if you want for the holidays hop on it.
  • As part of Sports Engine registration, you will need to register with US Lacrosse. It will be easy if you know your child’s US lacrosse number. You can look it up at  www.usalacrosse.com/membership

(If your US Lacrosse membership sunsets before or during the spring season, (this applies to most of you) you will need to log in and renew your membership).


We anticipate home games and practices will be at either City Park or NRHS. Away games will be generally in Southern Westchester, but some may be above 287.  The teams will meet 2-3 times a week, usually one or two in the evenings and one on Saturday mornings. With that said we are at the mercy of the school district and the city so things may change. They have been very good to us in the past.


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