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Should you want more information on such assistance please contact Pat Swift at  for more information. All such inquiries will be held in strict confidence.



Scholarships will be considered upon submission of a copy of the School District Free and Reduced Lunch Program Approval Letter and the application.

This must be mailed to the below address.

The Board of Directors of New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse is honored to support and maintain the Eric Tutera Youth Lacrosse Scholarship Fund in memory of Eric's exemplary life as a scholar/athlete. Eric Tutera, played lacrosse for Pat Swift at NRHS, he was a former captain of the New Rochelle High School lacrosse team. As varsity player Eric was the epitome of a team player. He was respected by his teammates, coaches and opposing players. Eric tragically passed away in an accident in the spring of 2008.


The philosophy of New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse reflects the spirit in which Eric approached his life. New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse is a Non-Profit 501-C-3 organization. We are dedicated to benefiting the youth of New Rochelle through our "needs blind" philosophy which pledges to make lacrosse affordable to all children regardless of ability to pay. We recognize that the cost of registration and that the purchase price of lacrosse equipment is significant. If these costs are a burden, then NRLAX is prepared to provide assistance via the Eric Tutera Youth Lacrosse Scholarship Fund. 

Upon approval, the child may be registered via the NRLAX website at www.nrlax.com: Register your child WITHOUT payment online.

Please include your e-mail and a daytime phone number with your request.

If there are extreme hardships please state this along with your Application and School District Free and Reduced Lunch Program Approval Letter and the Eric Tutera Scholarship Committee will review for additional funding. All scholarship applications will be considered confidential. 
If there are extreme hardships and you are not in the free or reduced program please email Pat. 

Please send free and reduced letter and scholarship application to:

Patrick Swift
NRLAX Tutera Scholarship Coordinator

198 Mayflower Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801