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New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse in the City of New Rochelle as a tool to develop character, integrity, perseverance and respect for self and community.  The City of New Rochelle is one of Westchester's most diverse cultural communities and New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse is committed to furthering growth and cooperation amongst its youth through the great and ancient Native American sport of lacrosse.  Our aim is to be an organization focused on providing a high quality individual and team experience for every child by trying to build a culture which strives towards personal integrity, physical fitness and community values.  Our program will promote confidence, and build self-esteem through appropriate skill based instruction and a positive coaching-athlete alliance. 


​New Rochelle Youth Lacrossse is for the children of New Rochelle and neighboring communities that do not offer youth lacrosse.