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Please select your program based on eligibility requirements. After you have entered the information you will be sent to our payment page. If you live outside the area code restrictions, you may register for the wait list. Returning players may send an email to registrar@nrlax.com for outside zip code processing.

Registration for New Rochelle Youth Lacrosse Boys Grade 5 and 6 2021

Lacrosse 2021 -Registration for boys in grades 5/6


Players need Lacrosse Helmet, Shoulder pads, elbo pads, stick Lacrosse gloves, mouthpiece and protective cup

Online lacrosse stores have starter packages

Base Cost: $365.00

Open to: Boys

Residents of: 10801,10804, 10805,10583,10573

In Grades: 5 to 6 for 2020-21 School year

21 registrations